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August Warblers

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023
Ovenbird, Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 22 August 2023.

The sun emerged this morning first thing, but the air remained nighttime-cool. I almost smelled a nip of fall in the air—but not quite. And it warmed up a lot as the day lengthened.

The excitement of the day—other than the random appearance of a kestrel—turned out to be a little batch of silent warblers. Their silence has persisted for a good while now, but sighting them has been a challenge, what with the tendency of most to stick to the leafy canopy. But I managed four on my list this morning (and photographed three).

Weather-wise, tomorrow’s supposed to be a similar kind of day. Hmmm…

Beech Hill List
Starting at 7:13 a.m. EST (8:13 DST), I hiked all trails.

1. Northern Flicker (v)
2. American Goldfinch
3. Red-eyed Vireo (v)
4. Eastern Wood-pewee** (v)
5. White-breasted Nuthatch** (v)
6. Black-capped Chickadee
7. American Crow*
8. Black-throated Green Warbler
9. Black-and-white Warbler (v)
10. Ovenbird
11. Tufted Titmouse (v)
12. Brown Creeper (v)
13. Gray Catbird
14. Eastern Towhee (v)
15. Common Yellowthroat
16. Cedar Waxwing
17. Song Sparrow
18. American Kestrel


19. Mourning Dove
20. Wild Turkey
21. Rock Pigeon


White-tailed Deer

(v) Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere



Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022
Black-and-white Warbler, Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 03 May 2022.
Black-and-white Warbler.

Another lovely Beech Hill hike with dog. A hike with a couple newly arrived warblers (at least as far as I’ve seen in our short time back here). Four species today, more to come for sure.

The lists are longer than those in Utah, so it takes me longer to compile ’em. Thus my narratives are liable to be shorter for a while (apologies). Suffice it to say Jack and I are thoroughly enjoying our return to this familiar hike and all the inspiring smells and sights and sounds and feels it brings.

Beech Hill List
Beginning at 7:55 a.m., I hiked all trails.

1. Eastern Phoebe*
2. American Goldfinch (v)
3. American Robin
4. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker† (v)
5. Northern Flicker (v)
6. Black-and-white Warbler†
7. Northern Parula†
8. Black-capped Chickadee
9. Tufted Titmouse (v)
10. Yellow-rumped Warbler
11. American Crow*
12. Eastern Towhee
14. Blue-headed Vireo
15. Field Sparrow (v)
16. Song Sparrow
17. Eastern Bluebird
18. Chipping Sparrow
19. White-throated Sparrow (v)
20. Herring gull* (v)
21. Tree Swallow
25. Black-throated Green Warbler† (v)
26. Red-breasted Nuthatch (v)
27. Sharp-shinned Hawk
28. Blue Jay†
29. Brown Creeper
30. Hermit Thrush


31. Mourning Dove


Red Squirrel
White-tailed Deer

(v) Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere



Sunday, April 17th, 2022
Chickadee excavation techniques, East Millcreek, Salt Lake City, Utah, 17 April 2022.
Chickadee excavation techniques.

On the chilly morning of a warm day, dog and I had a lovely hike up in the foothills. Some nice sightings of bird species doing interesting things. (E.g., a Chukar calling from high on a ridge.) A few decent photos, too. A lot of spring things for Jack to smell.

Interesting to me was watching a pair of chickadees excavating a nest about halfway up the gully trail. We we got to their nest cavity, I didn’t see or hear the birds at all—which I attributed was due to a Cooper’s Hawk nearby—and sure enough a Cooper’s took wing, calling, and then the chickadees showed up, taking turns entering the hole and exiting with mouthfuls of chipped wood. (While in there, I could hear their excavations.)

Lots of birds at home, too. For possibly the first day this season, there was no trace of deep-seated doubt that spring is here.

Grandeur Peak Area List
At 7:58 a.m., sun time, I hiked a few hundred feet up a mountain.

1. Eurasian Collared-dove
2. Pine Siskin**
3. American Robin*
4. Spotted Towhee
5. Black-capped Chickadee
6. House Finch*
7. Song Sparrow* (v)
8. Northern Flicker*
9. Cooper’s Hawk
10. Woodhouse’s Scrub-jay
11. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
12. Chukar
13. California Quail* (v)
14. Hairy Woodpecker
15. Turkey Vulture


16. Lesser Goldfinch
17. House Sparrow
18. European Starling


Mule Deer
Red Squirrel

(v) Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere

Bird Report is a (sometimes intermittent) record of the birds I encounter while hiking, see while driving, or spy outside my window. —Brian Willson

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