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Gray day, yellow finches

Sunday, November 30th, 2014
American Goldfinch, Megunticook River, Camden, Maine, 30 November 2014.

American Goldfinch.

Gray, warmish, thaw. I don’t believe the temperature has exceeded freezing since Thanksgiving.

Thaw, Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 30 November 2014.


Went with dog to Beech Hill in mid-morning. Drippy, breezy, raw. Saw two bird species—chickadee and gull. Also saw three people and a dog, which I have to say kind of surprised me.

Afterward, running errands, I ran into a bunch of goldfinch dining on tree seeds. A lot of ducks in the Megunticook River.

Beech Hill List
Beginning at 10:45 a.m., I hiked the open trail.

1. Black-capped Chickadee**
2. Herring Gull


3. American Crow
4. American Goldfinch
5. Mallard

v = Voice only
**Voice only elsewhere


Cold-weather waxwing

Saturday, November 29th, 2014
Distant red-tail, Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 29 November 2014.

Distant red-tail.

Cloudless and sub-freezing still. Ice on the stair. Made and drank some coffee while screwing around online for a while, then took Jack for a morning hike. We were the first vehicle at the Beech Hill Road parking lot today, surprisingly. I love that, though, because it means I can sneak quietly around in pursuit of any birds that might be lurking. Snowy Owl anyone? (Probably just getting my hopes up.)

Black-capped Chickadee, Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 29 November 2014.

Black-capped Chickadee.

No owls today, but some interesting species. E.g., a solitary Yellow-rumped Warbler down in the tangles on the woods side of the hill. Also while down there I heard a high, husky trill-like call that I couldn’t place at once. Lucky for me, I spotted the bird perched high in a small, naked tree. A waxwing. A Bohemian Waxwing. I believe that’s the first of this species I’ve ever seen hanging out along.

Also heard a raven and some geese. Spotted a few other species—like a distant Red-tailed Hawk riding a November thermal.

Tonight is starry. I see Sirius.

Beech Hill List
Beginning at 10:15 a.m., I hiked the open trail—and a little bit more.

1. Black-capped Chickadee**
2. American Goldfinch (v)
3. White-breasted Nuthatch (v)
4. American Crow*
5. Red-winged Hawk
6. Northern Flicker
7. Common Raven
8. Canada Goose (v)
9. Yellow-rumped Warbler
10. Bohemian Waxwing


11. House Sparrow
12. Herring Gull
13. European Starling

v = Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere



Friday, November 28th, 2014
Common Redpoll, Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 28 November 2014.

Common Redpoll.

Cold and mostly clear today, with a bit of a breeze. Did some desk work for a while, then went with dog for a hike.

Beech Hill, four or five cars in the lot—and also about thirty or forty redpolls. I heard them first, tittering up in the trees, dining on little cones and catkins. I hadn’t seen redpolls since a Christmas count several years ago. They hung around until a loud car went by, then took off for parts unknown.

Also came upon a Hairy Woodpecker in the process of debarking a dead tree branch. Man, woodpeckers can really make quick work of old wood. Got a little video of the guy.

We took a walk down into the woods a ways, being dressed in bright enough clothing to alert any hunters. Not many had traveled that way since the recent snow. Lots of hares had, though.

From whence we came—Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 28 November 2014.

From whence we came.

The coots are still in Chickawaukie Lake.

Beech Hill List
Beginning at 1 p.m., I hiked the open trail—and then some.

1. Black-capped Chickadee**
2. White-breasted Nuthatch (v)
3. American Crow*
4. Common Redpoll
5. Northern Flicker
6. Hairy Woodpecker
7. American Goldfinch** (v)
8. Tufted Titmouse (v)


9. Herring Gull
10. Blue Jay (v)
11. American Coot

v = Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere


Bird Report is a (sometimes intermittent) record of the birds I encounter while hiking, see while driving, or spy outside my window. —Brian Willson

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