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Before the Rain

Saturday, September 28th, 2019
Song Sparrow, East Millcreek, Salt Lake City, Utah, 28 September 2019.
Neighborhood Song Sparrow.

Thundershowers forecast, but early on the ominous skies were zipping in from the southwest but keeping up high along the peaks, barely missing us. So Jack and I took a hike. It was a good one.

No great photos, but a evidence of migration still—sparrows and a vireo with the chickadees, other birds in the periphery. And plenty of activity in the neighborhood.

Thundershowers did finally arrive.

Grandeur Peak Area List
Beginning at 9:00 a.m., I hiked a few hundred feet up the mountain.

1. Black-billed Magpie*
2. Woodhouse’s Scrub-jay* (v)
3. House Finch*
4. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
5. Black-capped Chickadee*
6. Northern Flicker
7. Lesser Goldfinch*
8. Plumbeous Vireo
9. Sparrow (sp)


10. Eurasian Collared Dove
11. Song Sparrow
12. House Sparrow

v = Voice only
*Also elsewhere

Raven and Lark

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Common Raven, Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 30 November 2016.

Common Raven.

A period of overcast and rain this week. Dog and I hiked the soggy hill, encountered the usual suspects, then—on returning—added Common Raven and Horned Lark.

That made it an even dozen.

Beech Hill List
Beginning at 8:45 a.m., I hiked the open trail.

1. Pileated Woodpecker
2. Black-capped Chickadee
3. Blue Jay** (v)
4. American Robin
5. White-breasted Nuthatch
6. Tufted Titmouse
7. Downy Woodpecker (v)
8. American Goldfinch
9. Northern Flicker
10. American Crow*
11. Common Raven
12. Horned Lark


13. Herring Gull
14. Sparrow (sp.)

v = Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere


Bird Report is an intermittent record of what's outside my window in Rockport, Maine, USA (44°08'N latitude, 69°06'W longitude), and vicinity. —Brian Willson

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