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Saturday, September 28th, 2013
Magnolia warbler, Monhegan Island, Maine, 28 September 2013.

Magnolia warbler, Monhegan.

Up early, birded Monhegan until late morning, got my stuff together, took the Elizabeth Ann back inshore. The water was as smooth as new blacktop, the sun bright, a youthful eagle flapping to a perch on a tall spruce on an island.

Got my dog, put stuff away, took a hike up Beech Hill.

(I’ll compile my Monhegan list soon.)

Beech Hill List
Beginning at 4:15 p.m., I hiked the open trail.

1. Common raven* (v)
2. Yellow-rumped warbler
3. American crow* (v)
4. Black-capped chickadee* (v)
5. Magnolia warbler*
6. Gray catbird** (v)
7. Ruby-crowned kinglet*


8. Cape May warbler
9. Herring gull
10. Blue jay
11. Northern flicker
12. Golden-crowned kinglet (v)
13. Black-capped chickadee
14. Black-and-white warbler
15. Carolina wren (v)
16. Red-breasted nuthatch (v)
17. Red-eyed vireo
18. Blue-headed vireo
19. Merlin
20. Northern harrier
21. Bald eagle
22. Great black-backed gull
23. Song sparrow
24. Swamp sparrow
25. Northern parula
26. Yellow-bellied sapsucker
27. Black-throated green warbler
28. Eastern phoebe
29. Sharp-shinned hawk
30. White-throated sparrow
31. White-crowned sparrow
32. Northern waterthrush
33. Mallard
34. Double-crested cormorant
35. Black guillemot
36. Semipalmated plover
37. European starling
38. Peregrine falcon
39. American robin
40. Northern mockingbird
41. Yellow-billed cuckoo
42. Yellow warbler
43. Downy woodpecker
44. Northern gannett
45. Laughing gull
46. Palm warbler
47. Mourning dove
48. Brown creeper
49. Cedar waxwing
50. American goldfinch

Magnolia warbler.

Northern waterthrush

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

26 September 2013.

Northern waterthrush, Monhegan Island, Maine, 26 September 2013.

Northern waterthrush.

Saw this bird at the shore of the Ice Pond on Monhegan today.

More lifers

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
Blue grosbeak, Monhegan Island, Maine, 29 September 2010.

Blue grosbeak.

Curiously, the most noteworthy birds showed up a stone’s-throw from The Trailing Yew this morning. Kristen, Bill, and I had no sooner turned down the main road, when a white-crowned sparrow greeted us from a small blaze-red tree. When the bird flew off behind the fire house, we followed down the boardwalk, and right away Bill (or Kristen, I forget which) spotted a blue grosbeak in its rich chestnut fall plumage. First time I’d ever seen a member of that species. Then we saw, apparently pals with the grosbeak, an indigo bunting. And not long after that, a northern waterthrush was agreeable enough to give me a peak at its white eyebrow. Another “lifer.” [Correction: I’ve since double-checked and it turns out I’d already listed a northern waterthrush—albeit by voice only—on my spring trip to Monhegan this year.]

Indigo bunting, Monhegan Island, Maine, 29 September 2010.

Indigo bunting.

But the day brought other nice sightings—most dramatic among them likely the peregrine falcon that rose up the cliffs of White Head as we peered down at a cluster of great cormorants near a large group of touring birders. The falcon was riding the wind, nearly motionless, very near us. “Oohs” and “Ahhs” rose from the tour group. In the tangles near the ballfield behind the lighthouse we saw a dickcissel hanging with a group of white-throated sparrows.

The day—forecast to be wet and rain—turned out to be warm, sunny, gorgeous. I didn’t see as many species as my first two days here, but it was no less of a thrill. Later, relaxing back at The Yew, we watched palm warblers and dark-eyed juncos flitting about in the spruces lining the lawn, along with a solitary pine warbler.

Peregrine falcon, Monhegan Island, Maine, 29 September 2010.

Peregrine falcon.

Monhegan List
(Not in order of sighting.)

1. Mallard
2. Common eider
3. Ring-necked pheasant
4. Northern gannet
5. Double-crested cormorant
6. Great cormorant
7. Osprey
8. Sharp-shinned hawk
9. Merlin
10. Peregrine falcon
11. Herring gull
12. Great black-backed gull
13. Mourning dove
14. Yellow-bellied sapsucker
15. Northern flicker
16. Eastern phoebe
17. Red-eyed vireo
18. Blue jay
19. American crow
20. Common raven
21. Black-capped chickadee
22. Red-breasted nuthatch
23. White-breasted nuthatch
24. Brown creeper
25. Carolina wren (voice)
26. Golden-crowned kinglet (voice)
27. Gray catbird
28. Cedar waxwing
29. Yellow-rumped warbler
30. Pine warbler
31. Palm warbler
32. Blackpoll warbler
33. Northern waterthrush
34. Common yellowthroat
35. Song sparrow
36. Swamp sparrow
37. White-throated sparrow
38. White-crowned sparrow
39. Dark-eyed junco
40. Blue grosbeak
41. Indigo bunting
42. Dickcissel
43. Bobolink
44. Rusty blackbird
45. Baltimore oriole
46. Purple finch
47. American goldfinch

White-throated sparrow, Monhegan Island, Maine, 29 September 2010.

White-throated sparrow.

Bird Report is a (sometimes intermittent) record of the birds I encounter while hiking, see while driving, or spy outside my window. —Brian Willson

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