20 October 2021

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Wednesday, October 13th, 2021
Cooper’s Hawk (adult fem.), East Millcreek, Salt Lake City, Utah, 13 October 2021.
Cooper’s Hawk (adult fem.).

Snowed a tiny bit overnight, and the temperature still hovered right about freezing when dog and I headed up the trail. Nearly cloudless sky, though, so—once the sun topped the ridge—melting commenced.

Meanwhile, we encountered a bunch more migrants, no doubt spurred on by the extra chill.

Many yellow-rumps, quite a few kinglets, a little gang of sparrows, surprisingly few juncos, and a solitary Cooper’s Hawk. (Also a solitaire Townsend’s Solitaire, which was fun to see.)

Sky, chill, migrants—ah, the clarity of a season’s change.

Grandeur Peak Area List
At 8:58 a.m. (9:58 MDT), I hiked a few hundred feet up a mountain.

1. Woodhouse’s Scrub-jay
2. House Finch**
3. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
4. Yellow-rumped Warbler
5. Dark-eyed Junco
6. Rock Pigeon*
7. Red-tailed Hawk
8. Spotted Towhee
9. Townsend’s Solitaire
10. Northern Flicker*
11. Cooper’s Hawk
12. Chipping Sparrow
13. White-crowned Sparrow
14. Black-capped Chickadee
15. Black-billed Magpie* (v)
16. Pine Siskin


17. Lesser Goldfinch (v)
18. California Gull


Red Squirrel

(v) Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere

A Day

Thursday, September 9th, 2021
Woodhouse’s Scrub-jay, East Millcreek, Salt Lake City, Utah, 09 September 2021.
Woodhouse’s Scrub-jay.

A few clouds this morning, just enough to make for some hazy sun early. Cool, but not as cool as the past few mornings. Still smoky air.

Very quiet along our usual hiking trails: nine species, not many of each. Afterward, doing errands in town, listed another nine species—including a vee of geese, three vultures, swallo, gull, and starling.

However, my best photo came early, thanks to a visit by a chatty scrub-jay.

Grandeur Peak Area List
At 7:10 a.m. (8:10 MDT), I hiked a few hundred feet up a mountain.

1. Spotted Towhee
2. Woodhouse’s Scrub-jay*
3. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (v)
4. Northern Flicker (v)
5. House Finch*
6. Black-capped Chickadee**
7. American Goldfinch (v)
8. Eurasian Collared-dove
9. Black-chinned Hummingbird


10. Black-billed Magpie
11. Rock Pigeon
12. Mourning Dove
13. European Starling
14. Canada Goose
15. California Gull
16. Turkey Vulture
17. Barn Swallow
18. California Quail


Red Squirrel
Rock Squirrel

(v) Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere


Tuesday, June 29th, 2021
California Quail (ma and chick), East Millcreek, Salt Lake City, Utah, 28 June 2021.
California Quail (ma and chick).

Summer before last when I moved here, just walking with Jack in the neighborhood, I came upon a little covey of quail. California Quail, adults and juvies. I had no idea they lived around here—but thanks to some transplants back in the 1800s, they do.

They’ve been fun to watch, to get to know. At this time of year, they have young ’uns. I’ve seen fewer young ’uns than in the past two years (just one with its mom this afternoon), but they still inspire in me the power of tiny living things to mature quickly, to beat the odds, to survive to adulthood, and to bring into the world other tiny living things.

LFG, little quail.

Grandeur Peak Area List
Beginning at 7:14 a.m. (8:14 MDT), I hiked a few hundred feet up a mountain.

1. Lazuli Bunting
2. Woodhouse’s Scrub-jay
3. House Finch*
4. Song Sparrow*
5. Black-chinned Hummingbird
6. Spotted Towhee
7. Rock Pigeon
8. Black-billed Magpie**
9. Black-capped Chickadee (v)
10. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
11. American Robin*
12. Black-headed Grosbeak (v)
13. Warbling Vireo (v)
14. Cooper’s Hawk (v)


15. Eurasian Collared-dove
16. Lesser Goldfinch
17. California Gull
18. European Starling
19. House Sparrow
20. California Quail


Rock Squirrel

(v) Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere

Bird Report is a (sometimes intermittent) record of the birds I encounter while hiking, see while driving, or spy outside my window. —Brian Willson

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