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Monday, August 26th, 2019

East Millcreek List
No mountain hike today, but here’s what I saw and/or heard.

northern flicker (red-shafted race)
Northern Flicker (red-shafted race).

In the past week or so I’ve seen my first red-shafted flickers. Kind of fun. More than kind of fun, all these new bird species (and, in this case, races).

And since fall migration is winding up, it’s an especially exciting time of year.

1. House Finch (v)
2. House Sparrow
3. Black-billed Magpie
4. Eurasian Collared Dove
5. Rock Pigeon
6. California Quail
7. Northern Flicker (red-shafted race)
8. Western Tanager
9. Black-chinned Hummingbird
10. Cliff Swallow
11. Woodhouse’s Scrub-jay
12. Turkey Vulture

v = Voice only


Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Philadelphia Vireo, Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 31 August 2017.

Philadelphia Vireo.

Caterpillars at Beech Hill this morning—caterpillars everwhere. I watched one climb a strand of silk, watched another just hang there. And I saw several getting their brains bashed out by warblers and vireos.

Caterpillar on a strand, Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 31 August 2017.

Caterpillar on a strand.

Among the vireos, a Philadelphia stood out: only the second I’ve seen up there (I’m pretty sure). I also saw a solitary Cliff Swallow being herded through the air by an angry hummingbird.

And I saw butterflies, several species. Nice to know some caterpillars survive through metamorphosis.

Beech Hill List
Beginning at 8:15 a.m., I hiked the open trail.

1. Tufted Titmouse (v)
2. Blue Jay (v)
3. Black-capped Chickadee
4. Song Sparrow
5. Gray Catbird
6. White-breasted Nuthatch (v)
7. Red-eyed Vireo**
8. American Goldfinch**
9. Northern Flicker (v)
10. American Crow* (v)
11. Yellow Warbler (v)
12. Cliff Swallow
13. Ruby-throated Hummingbird
14. Cedar Waxwing
15. Eastern Phoebe
16. Yellow-rumped Warbler
17. Pileated Woodpecker (v)
18. Ovenbird
19. Philadelphia Vireo
20. Black-and-white Warbler
21. Common Yellowthroat
22. White-throated Sparrow
23. Northern Cardinal
24. Great Crested Flycatcher (v)
25. Broad-winged Hawk


26. Mourning Dove
27. Herring Gull
28. Osprey

v = Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere


Juvie Flycatcher

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Least Flycatcher (juvenile), Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine, 29 August 2016.

Least Flycatcher (juvenile).

Beech Hill List
Beginning at 8 a.m., I hiked the open trail.

1. Pileated Woodpecker (v)
2. Song Sparrow
3. Blue Jay (v)
4. American Crow* (v)
5. Red-eyed Vireo (v)
6. Eastern Wood Pewee (v)
7. Gray Catbird (v)
8. Savannah Sparrow
9. Red-breasted Nuthatch (v)
10. Herring Gull*
11. Cedar Waxwing**
12. Yellow-rumped Warbler
13. Common Yellowthroat
14. White-throated Sparrow (v)
15. Least Flycatcher
16. American Goldfinch**
17. Eastern Towhee (v)
18. Purple Finch
19. Cliff Swallow†


20. Hairy Woodpecker
21. Downy Woodpecker (v)
22. Osprey
23. Mourning Dove
24. Rock Pigeon

v = Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere
†First of year bird

Bird Report is an intermittent record of what's outside my window in Rockport, Maine, USA (44°08'N latitude, 69°06'W longitude), and vicinity. —Brian Willson

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