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In the wake

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
American robin, Beech Hill, Rockport, Maine, 30 October 2012.

American robin.

Stayed up late last night listening to the wind howl. No trees toppled over or lost limbs, and when the howl seemed to diminish a bit in the wee hours, I decided to head for my bed beneath the gigantic oak tree and take my chances. Woke up again this morning, as usual.

Birches, Beech Hill, Rockport, Maine, 30 October 2012.


Still a little windy, but not bad. A little rainy, too. Also not bad. Followed a bit of news about what Superstorm Sandy left in her wake, then worked a while. The rain let up for a while, and then a line of thundershowers blew through. Checked the weather radar and saw what looked like a rain-free patch approaching, so Jack and I lit out for Beech Hill.

No other hikers today. No surprise. Pretty thick fog on the hill. Cleared a couple small branches off the trail. Heard the voices of a few birds. It was impressively calm after last night’s big blow—which, by the way, removed a lot of leaves from the local trees.

About half way up, exactly where we surprised them yesterday, a pair of robins fluttered out of a trailside bush. I noticed the bush had a bunch of red berries. No wonder. The robins turned out to be the only birds I actually got a look at up there.

Then rain began to fall out of the fog—a pretty heavy burst of it. Dog and I began to lope along, which was fun. The rain stopped after maybe a minute, but it was enough to soak the front of me.

Did I mention how mild it was? Really mild—upper-50s (F), I’d guess. And it’s not supposed to get cold for a while yet. Weird.

Into the fog, Beech Hill, Rockport, Maine, 30 October 2012.

Into the fog.

I like weird.

Beech Hill List
Beginning at 2 p.m., I hiked the open trail.

1. Black-capped chickadee** (v)
2. Tufted titmouse (v)
3. American crow* (v)
4. American goldfinch (v)
5. Yellow-rumped warbler (v)
6. American robin
7. Blue jay (v)
8. Golden-crowned kinglet (v)


9. Herring gull

v = Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere

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