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Onward, through the fog

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
Birch, Beech Hill, Rockport, Maine, 30 January 2013.


This here was a warm, drizzly day. At least, at first it was. Lots of snow melt, the ice vanished from my parking lot, water flowed. Toward afternoon, a wind picked up and fog blew in. And when I say “blew in,” I mean that literally. And just kept blowing around.

You couldn’t really see it blowing around—it was too foggy. But by the time Jack and I started up the muddy/icy Beech Hill trail, we were getting buffeted around pretty good. Strong, strong wind. Nearly lost my hat a few times. At least it wasn’t cold.

No birds out in the open, as you might imagine—except for a lone robin that I saw flapping low down the southern slope. Other birds were hanging out in the trees around the parking lot, including a pair of flickers. Don’t mind a little mud. Kind of like a thick fog.

Tonight, we had a nice, brief rainstorm. I understand periods of rain and high wind will continue.

Beech Hill List
Beginning at 3:15 p.m, I hiked the open trail.

1. American robin
2. Black-capped chickadee
3. Northern flicker
4. American crow* (v)
5. Brown creeper (v)

v = Voice only
*Also elsewhere

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