26 May 2022


Saturday, August 31st, 2019
Cooper’s Hawk, East Millcreek, Salt Lake City, Utah, 31 August 2019.
Portrait of Cooper’s Hawk.

During this morning’s lovely hike, dog and I got a very close look at a pair of Cooper’s Hawks. One, in fact, flew right up close (trailed by ever-alert hummingbirds) and posted for pictures.

Grandeur Peak Area List
Beginning at 8:15 a.m., I hiked a few hundred feet up the mountain.

1. Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay (v)
2. Mourning Dove
3. House Finch*
4. Black-capped Chickadee**
5. Spotted Towhee
6. Cooper’s Hawk
7. Red-breasted Nuthatch (v)
8. House Wren
9. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (v)
10. American Goldfinch*


11. Black-billed Magpie
12. Eurasian Collared Dove
13. California Quail
14. Rock Pigeon
15. House Sparrow

v = Voice only
*Also elsewhere
**Voice only elsewhere

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